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The processing of these types of work is mostly related to doctoral or doctoral studies. The scope of work is the largest in terms of the number of standard pages at 80, usually 100 pages. These works require extensive preparation and processing of information, as well as work with resources. It is expected that a substantial authorial contribution will be made and the work should enrich the field in a concrete way. Formal and content requirements are governed by the internal regulations of the university, formal requirements are usually a separate directive of the university, content requirements according to a rigorous or dissertation project. For this type of independent work is expected and consultation with a consultant – the trainer already has a professional, academic character.

A prerequisite for this type of work is a certain amount of knowledge in a given field or subject or problem. A necessary condition is the study of domestic and foreign sources, incorporation of current journal literature and other sources. The range of resources for this type of work is in the order of several tens compared to, for example, a diploma or bachelor thesis.

From the point of view of processing the theoretical and practical part of the thesis, it is possible to state that it is individual. In addition, in the theoretical part of the thesis the author can elaborate his own approaches and definitions, which will be based on the current state of knowledge and current approaches. It may be desirable to elaborate a new concept or extend an existing theory. In the practical part, the problem must be elaborated very closely with the formulation of recommendations and conclusions, which are based on the author’s own practice and skills and knowledge. The ratio of the theoretical and practical part of the thesis, or another part of the tigorous and dissertation theses, can be individual, depending on the nature of the problem and the issue being solved.

If you are preparing a dissertation or rigorous project, if you need a consultation or advice, you can contact us for a free consultation.

If you are studying just for doctoral education, from which for example titles, such as JUDr. or PhDr., as well as part of successful completion and final examinations are just mentioned documents for obtaining an academic title or rank.

A rigorous thesis is a so-called small doctorate

As far as the conditions are concerned, they are influenced by the university where the student is educated. The student may be based on the bachelor’s or master’s degree, but in this case, it is a much larger range and pages, and the emphasis is on the scientific essence. It is mainly about writing about something that is not yet known and the student has the opportunity to explore it and then write about it. It concludes with the proof that the undergraduate really gained knowledge that is worthy of obtaining a degree.

The dissertation or dissertation is a great doctorate for change

The student strives to defend this project with overall autonomy, knowledge, abilities, and the necessary prerequisites for being involved in scientific work. There is no boundary on whether the theoretical and practical parts will be written separately or together. It has to be said that in this case it is one of the most demanding student works, and that is also the extent of it.

Any expert consultation, advice, and writing assistance is definitely useful in this area. Having a foothold and bringing the whole masterpiece to an end is the goal of every student.

Just with regard to the fact that it is not really simple, but a detailed description and analysis of theory and practice and adding new knowledge and practical experience.

Thanks to the professionalism of professionals who are fully dedicated to these issues, you can get extensive support from preparation to help writing and using literature for the subject, appendices, as well as overall proofs that are also important to the outcome.

Everything else is already individual.

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